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How to pay


Private Support: If you get in touch with Express Healthcare we will arrange to come out and see you to carry out an assessment of your needs. A payment plan would be set up with us to cover your private care. We accept multiple payment methods.

Direct Payments: Direct payments are set up via the government allowing you to allocate your funding to the care company of your choice. To apply for direct payments you must contact the council who will send out a social worker to assess your requirements. This is to allow clients the choice of which care provider they wish to use and they type of support they wish to receive. To find out if you are eligible for direct payments you can contact your local council who will send a social worker along to assess your support needs. For further assitance about direct payments call 0113 214 3599 or e-mail

Independent Living Funds: (government grants)

Personal Budgets: Personal budgets are in place to allow you to vet the care company you would like to offer your care services.

For more assistance on financing your care, please contact your local council.